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Grahame Morris MP

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On 12 January 2022, Grahame Morris MP led a Westminster Hall debate on access to radiotherapy.

To inform his debate, he asked to hear about your experiences.

There were over 800 contributors, several of whom were quoted directly in the debate:

Thank you statement:

Watch the full debate:

Link to watch the debate

You can read the transcript on Hansard

The Government's response

The Government’s Health Minister Maria Caulfield MP responded to the debate. She addressed the Government’s current policy agenda and future ambitions related to access to radiotherapy.

Watch or read her full speech for details on a range of topics including:

“A big thank you to everyone who took the time to tell me about your experiences of accessing radiotherapy.
"A wide range of people – mostly those who have experienced radiotherapy as a patient, but also several healthcare professionals and those with loved ones undergoing treatment – have shared stories and insights which are very useful for me to consider ahead of my debate.
"I hope you get a chance to tune in, or to read the debate transcript – links will be available from Wednesday. Do have a look at some of the other resources on this page too. Thanks again.”
Grahame Morris MP

Introducing the debate, he gave the following statement:

"I am delighted to have secured this important debate on access to radiotherapy.
"It will be a vital opportunity to explore staffing, funding, and equity of access across the UK.
"Your experiences of access to radiotherapy would provide invaluable context for the debate."
Grahame Morris MP

Grahame Morris MP

Your feedback

"I feel it was beneficial to be able to input into the procedure and to the see the debate take place."
"The engagement exercise was simple and clear. I was very glad to give my experience of access to radiotherapy and I hope it goes some measure towards improving access and opening up secondary care."
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How it works

What is a Westminster Hall Debate?

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How your contributions are shared

In these exercises, members of the public who have signed relevant petitions are invited to share their experiences and ideas.

These are passed on to the MP leading the debate, who may refer to them directly in their speeches.

Find other petitions on the Petitions website, or see more examples of public contributions being used in debates below.

What happens next?

If you shared your email in the survey, we’ll send you an update after the debate with links to watch it, read the transcript, and information about the Government's response.

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