Cost of living and the private rented sector

Sharing your experiences for a Parliamentary debate


On Tuesday 18 July 2023, Andrew Western MP led a Westminster Hall debate on the cost of living and the private rented sector.

To inform his debate, he asked to hear about your insights and experiences.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey.

This page features:

  • A thank you message from the MP
  • The debate transcript and video
  • Information about the Government's response
  • A quick explainer on how it works
  • Parliamentary research and activity on rented housing.


If you took part in this activity, please answer three quick questions about how it worked for you:

"I would like to thank everyone who responded to the survey on your experiences of the private rented sector. 
"As I pointed out in the debate on Tuesday, many of the stories and suggestions you shared echo what I’ve been hearing from my own constituents. For example:
  • the financial impact of rental increases
  • Local Housing Allowance rates
  • section 21 (‘no fault’) evictions
  • the link between housing and health
  • homelessness
  • addressing housing supply issues by building social housing and affordable homes.
"These were all discussed in the debate by myself and the other MPs who attended.
"Sincere thanks again for taking the time to contribute to this important topic."
Andrew Western MP
Parliamentary portrait of Andrew Western MP

Read or watch the debate


Link to read the debate


Link to watch the debate

The Government's response

The Housing Minister, Rachel Maclean MP, responded to the debate on behalf of the Government. She addressed the Government’s current policy agenda and future ambitions related to the debate topic.  

Watch or read her full speech for details on a range of topics including:     

How it works

How your contributions are shared

In these exercises, members of the public who have signed relevant petitions or are subscribed to parliamentary newsletters are invited to share their experiences and ideas.

These are passed on to the MP leading the debate, who may refer to them directly in their speeches.

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What happens next?

If you shared your email in the survey, we’ll send you an update after the debate with links to watch it, read the transcript, and information about the Government's response.

Lisa, Ian and Charlotte contributed to previous debates on topics like the menopause and pensions advice:

What is a Westminster Hall Debate?

Westminster Hall debates take place in the Grand Committee Room in the House of Commons.

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